New home. New adventure.

This is my husband and I (before we were married), a little over six years ago, standing proudly in front of our first home. Our house search had been an emotional roller coaster, and we were so excited to start our journey as home owners.

We definitely didn't know a lot about owning a home, but we were ready to take on all that came with it.

Our house became our project, each weekend working on painting another room, or finding ways to make the house work better for us. Google and YouTube became our best friends. And Pinterest was always there for inspiration. Our friends all joked that we were always working on something. But we loved it! We enjoyed making the home our own.

Big memories were made in our home - many great parties, my husband proposing to me in our living room, and it being the place we brought our first child home to.

These are the reasons I became a realtor. Because a house is so much more than four walls. It’s the place where you learn, celebrate life’s big moments, and build your life. I want to help people find that place. New home. New adventure.


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