Toy Kitchen Makeover

An easy project with a big impact!

We had debated over the last couple months if we should get a toy kitchen for our daughter. We weren’t sure if she would get enough use out of it, but we noticed that she’d become increasingly interested in play kitchens when we were at other people’s homes. I started looking at different options on Wayfair and Amazon and found that they all seemed a little pricey. I had seen different hacks to the IKEA play kitchen and thought that seemed right up our alley. I had been looking for a little project and thought this would be perfect.

I started the search for an IKEA kitchen on Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji and found one for $50! These kitchens are a hot item, so I was quick to scoop it up. Buying the kitchen brand new is $99 + tax so, $50 was the perfect price!

I was also hoping to add a fridge to the kitchen and managed to find this one and with a little bit of bartering I bought it for only $20!!

To refinish the kitchen, we removed and disassembled the top part of the kitchen, and removed the doors from the lower half, to make it easier to paint. As we planned to change the hardware, we filled all the holes in the doors where the original hardware was installed. I sanded, and primed all pieces of the kitchen, except the countertop. We decided to leave the natural wood of the countertop, as we liked the look and feared that if we painted it, it wouldn’t take long before it got damaged from toddler abuse. We had white semi-gloss paint, and used that for the upper half of the kitchen. I like using semi-gloss as I find it’s a little more durable, and wipes clean fairly easily. For the lower half, we used flat blue paint that we had lying around. It’s one of our favourite blues and I was excited about how it would look with the gold hardware. I wasn’t as worried about the paint durability of the lower half, as I knew it wouldn’t have things moving on and off of it all the time, like the upper half would.

We debated spray painting the faucet and sink gold (especially since I’m obsessed with gold spray paint) and we had seen many IKEA hacks where people did this, but we thought it just wouldn’t last. We knew it would only take a few pots and pans being thrown in the sink before it got damaged. So we decided to leave them as-is, for all of our sanities. We purchased the gold handles and knobs from IKEA and they worked perfectly for both the kitchen and the fridge.

The backsplash was something we went back and forth on, but once we had the kitchen in place we decided that it was needed in order to really finish off the look. We used drawer liner and piece of foam core to create the backsplash from Dollarama, for under $5!

The fridge was an easy makeover - a quick sand, patched the handle holes, a coat of primer and a couple coats of white semi-gloss. We then added the same handles as the kitchen, and the look was complete!

When it came to accessorizing, we checked out IKEA and Dollarama, as they are great places to find items for a good price!

As the kitchen doesn’t have a ton of counter space, we wanted to add an extra space where our daughter could “prep” her meals. We found this tv bench at IKEA for only $15! It was the perfect size.

And just like that our kitchen was complete! We did the whole project for a little over the cost of buying the IKEA play kitchen new! We are so happy with the results, and you can see from above, we already have a MasterChef Junior in the making.

If you’re looking for an easy project, and new toy for your children, this is a great one to take on. Pinterest is an excellent place to check out for ideas.

Here are the items we used:

1. IKEA Play Kitchen– Normally $99, currently on sale for $79 until April 29th

2. Gold handles– IKEA, 2- pack, $9.99

3. Gold knob– IKEA, 2-pack, $6.99

4. Mini plant set– IKEA, 3-pack, $6.99

5. TV stand– IKEA, $14.99

6. Play food– MasterMind, Melissa & Doug, $29.99

7. Backsplash – Drawer liner & Foam core – Dollarama - $5

8. Wooden basket – Dollarama - $4

9. Dish towel – Dollarama - $2

10. Pots & Pans – HomeSense - $12.99

Good luck! And happy projecting!


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