The September jitters.

It’s the day after labour day and my back to school jitters are in full swing, and I’m not even going back to school. It’s funny how even after being out of school for so long, we still get nervous when September rolls around. It’s time we use this habit to our advantage…

Why you should reset in September

It's in our blood

Since the age of 5, we were told that September was a new year, and after 13 years of elementary school, followed by a potential of 4+ years of post-secondary, it’s hard to get out of the habit.

The energy is there. Use it.

After taking it easy this summer and now feeling “rested”, you have more energy now than you will in the new year when resolutions roll around. Use that energy to turn September into a new start.

How you can make September work for you

Get into a routine

Whether you are OCD (like me) or not, you can’t deny that routine makes you happy. The predictive nature of a routine can take the stress out of life. September is the perfect time to get a calendar and make a schedule. Mondays – gym, Tuesdays – park with the kids, etc. Take this “new year” by charge.

Create a meal plan

Nothing is worse than that age-old question “what’s for dinner?” Take out the guess work by creating a meal plan. Build a list of 7-10 meals that you and your family love and put them on rotation and write them on a calendar. This will help you avoid the discussion of what to have and will make creating your grocery list for the week so much easier and more efficient. Find some quick and delicious recipes here.

Get back into shape

The delicious BBQ food and spirits of the summer were enjoyed, but now our bodies are settled in and preparing to hibernate for winter. Now is a great time to create a workout schedule, which can include things like going for a walk in the evenings, doing a workout video at home (Pinterest is a great place to look for free, quick videos) or signing up to the gym. By starting your “New Years’ Workout Resolution” in September, you’ll avoid that crazy influx of people at the gym that start in January. And by getting into a routine now, by the time everyone starts their New Year’s Resolutions in January, you’ll already be seeing results. No holiday belly for you.

School or no school, September is the start of great things! Whatever you choose to do, happy planning!



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